Zara is an international clothing retailer with over 65 stores in the UK alone, and with its owner reporting profits of over £2 billion, the shop and its owners are one of the few businesses doing well in the current climate.

While the current website is a large, full screen visual affair, it can be quite clunky to navigate and flies in the face of normal fashion shopping experiences like Marks & Spencer, Next and TopShop. Whether this is intentional or not to keep in line with being different from the norm, I’m not sure but viewing and browsing the site feels odd and inconvenient compared to other experiences.

Eray Demirsoy has come up with a new, more traditional concept for desktop and iPhone views, which places a much better focus on UX and ease of use. In comes the standard top navigation. but still retains a large focus on large image, which is necessary for a fashion chain. With a nicely designer Locate A Store, side banners and 360° viewing of clothing, Eray has the customer clearly in mind ad has done a great job in visualising this concept.