Everyone knows what YouTube is. From children, to the elderly, to celebrity talk show hosts who struggle to even name one thing on the net, they all know what YouTube is. Whether it’s the occasional fail video, or collections of a capella video game theme songs, YouTube is home to millions of videos and has cemented itself into modern culture. Over the years, YouTube has slowly transformed into a behemoth of a site, all the while improving itself with easier access to videos and subscriptions, and freedom to jump from one video to another. With the exception of Google+ integration, YouTube has done little wrong in terms of expanding but keeping people happy. That doesn’t stop some people from imagining the future of YouTube though.

One those people is Thomas Squire, who has designed an immense look at the future of everyone’s favourite video site, and gone into some extreme detail to show off his thoughts and ideas. Entitled YouTube Kaleidoscope, Thomas’ designs are pixel perfect and not only look at the design of YouTube, but also the experience of the site, with some great new ideas including YouTube Guide, “engineered to surface your favourite content when you want it”, and YouTube Flow, “an effortless new way to watch YouTube videos, without interruption YouTube will continuously flow complementary videos, sit back or control the flow with skip and browse upcoming picks”.

As well as these, Thomas has re-imagined the entire YouTube experience, including the player, and has put some serious thought and work into what the YouTube of the future may look like. And I must the say, the future looks great.

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