WordPress is a fantastic tool for bloggers, designers and anyone looking for a stable paltform on the web to write, post and edit content for a website. Many big name sites use WP for their CMS, including this very site. WordPress has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and with recent changes including responsive design for the Dashboard and Twenty Fourteen theme, a new flat take on the colour scheme, WP is better than ever. Well… almost.

One area in particular has always let WordPress down for me and many others, and that’s the widget system in the Dashboard. As Corey Collins from WebDevStudios puts it:

…unless you like devoting your time to clicking, dragging, accidentally letting go of your mouse button, then clicking and dragging again, we all hate the widget management page.

Their take on the system is a new streamlined system, allowing for users to have an easier way of dealing with those pesky widgets. Corey Collins again:

Rather than using the drag-and-drop method currently in place, we wanted a straightforward and streamlined approach. The widget area would hold an “add a new widget” button that upon clicking, would present a modal window in the same style as the media manager. All available WordPress widgets are listed here. Think of the media modal’s grid presentation of media. When you click on a widget, its fields are presented on the right side of the modal window (in place of the attachment details). Want to add multiple widgets to a widget area at once? Just control/command click or drag to select multiple widgets, then click the “Add to Widget Area” button in the bottom right hand corner.

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