WordPress is one of the best CMSs out there. With millions of downloads and thousands of contributions from all over the world, WordPress is a leader in showing off what open-source is all about. With many popular sites running WP – including yours truly – it’s hard to find a site that hasn’t been influenced by WordPress across the web and with version 4.2 around the corner, there are more and more exciting features coming to WP. However, that hasn’t stopped a few designers from coming up with what they think WP should look and work like.

One such concept is by Kyril Ku, a designer from London. Taking the whole WordPress dashboard and rethinking the ideas behind it, Kyril has come up with a seriously impressive concept rearranging not only the content of the Dashboard but also making it much simpler and friendlier to use. Adding in a quick stats bar similar to the Ghost CMS is a great feature and instant command line access will be a dream for developers across the world.

Not only is the concept great, but Kyril is also putting these ideas into action with Innnk, a publishing platform based on WordPress featuring all of the ideas seen in the concept.

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