Windows, and as such Microsoft, have undergone a massive change in their visual direction of late, with the much flaunted Metro breathing fresh air into mobile layouts and Windows 8 focusing much more on touch experiences. However, a lot of distaste still remains with MS platforms and apps, with the design largely unchanged in the main OS, and bad UX in other areas.

Phyek brings a new vision to the Windows platform, featuring a whole new layout and UX, with a heavy influence of Metro and Google in places. Gone is the Windows standard of bordered windows and taskbars, and instead comes in a clean taskbar with clear iconography, clearer environment and mich more simpler overall. Picked up by The Verge, it’s no surprise the attention this design got and with over 1500 likes on Dribbble, it’s clear that a lot of people would love Windows 9 to look a little something like this.

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