Although offering an amazing service and a chance to download, use and share media outside of the site, Wikimedia Commons suffers the same stiff, often boring, design as its older brother, Wikipedia. Although I understand that this largely down to accessibility and providing the best UX across all languages, devices ans regions it doesn’t mean that everyone is happy with this direction.

Justin Berot-Burns sat down to make Wikimedia commons better by this statement:

The experiment was to redesign Wikimedia Commons to make it more accessible to everyone. Commons should be about expansive media content. Commons media should be easy to navigate and to find and to share. Commons should be obvious.

Starting by simplifying the logo that “emphasises output and the users’ ability to use Commons as a public resource, without removing from the concept of openness” and then moving onto the homepage design itself, Justin hits the nail on the head by streamlining both the identity and the feel of the site, which is now more predominantly aimed at being as accessible as possible to everyone. Using open source fonts goes along with Wikimedia’s nature and by bringing in little touches like dark grey text as opposed to stark black, brings a nice aesthetic the design. Using a variety of image sizes for other pages on the site, Justin uses the images that Wikimedia proudly collect to their best, and by maximising the space available really shows that free doesn’t have to mean boring.

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