WhatsApp is a great little paid-for app for iOS and Android, which allows you to send messages and pictures to friends numbers on tons of mobile networks and other platforms for free via your data plan. This a great little ad-free service which saves on your SMS allowance and expensive MMS charges, and has cited interest in being taken over by Google and Facebook.

The actual design of the app does its functions well. There’s no focus on exemplary design as what it does, it does well and with 10 billion messages sent per day as of August 2012, users clearly agree. That didn’t stop Dora Szabo though!

From Dora herself:

I tried to design a better looking version of the app by incorporating more of the visual identity of WhatsApp. I also tried to make the interface friendlier, more engaging and more logical, taking out some of the tabs in the tab bar and adding them on views that made more sense to me, an active WhatsApp user. I believe WhatsApp is used because of its simple interface but adding a little spice to it while still keeping its elements homogeneous throughout all the screens just might add more balance and rhythm to it.

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