Sometimes, I don’t even need to write a description but instead take from the source site:

“The United States Postal Service is one of America’s great infrastructure achievements. In addition to being a technical marvel, it is also a storied and hallowed institution. From the Pony Express to the first letters sent by air-mail, few things are so uniquely American. Plagued by budget woes in the modern era – the USPS sought to modernize its image, and more importantly, streamline the retail experience with clear signage, way-finding and packaging. To this end, GrandArmy developed a total re-design of the USPS in-store experience. A robust three-bar layout system was applied to all materials, from menu-boards to hang tags to welcome signs to kiosks and so on. This system holds together a huge variety of collateral. Ancillary materials include emotive creed posters, window clings, a mobile app, and shipping box design.”

Stunning. This new branding angle for the USPS one of the most recognisable companies in the world is everything a modern re-branding should be: Bold; iconic; ready to take on the future. A great job by Grand Army.

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  • Really high grade, professional work. The USPS should seriously consider using this design. Bravo.