Twitter. Another site that many have attempted to redesign. Some have done it well. Some… not so well. Fred Nerby has once again come up with a novel and gorgeous solution to viewing Twitter, especially for those who are avid celebrity followers.

Fred’s vision of the future of Twitter is a fullscreen, big image, big typography version of the Twitter we all know and love today. Using every inch of the screen to cram in detail, information and images, the design is a wonderful representation of the impact that Twitter has had. Using images to pronounce the content, and by connecting accounts in a way never seen before, the design is stunning and a credit to Fred for his work.

The idea of using past and real time tweets to generate on-the-fly infographics is also a seriously cool one, and coupled with an improved image and video page and details, better pages for celebrities and companies, and the ability to pin favourite tweets this is a Twitter design I would love to see in the future.