Microsoft recently revealed a new logo and identity across all their mediums, along with rebranding Windows, Office and Visual Studio. Met with pretty much positive reception, the new logo and branding was a good step forward for MS following their recent Metro branding also being well-received.

But before that, an Art Center College of Design attendee called Andrew Kim laid out his vision for Microsoft’s branding. And boy, is it good.

Deciding that Microsoft’s new logo should be representing the future and more akin to science fiction, as well as taking a more aggressive approach than Apple and Google, Andrew laid out his plans for the branding to be based around the ‘slate’ – a singular shape more common with metropolis-type windows and a shape that all MS products can be based around. Publishing his rebrand, along with clear and concise reasoning behind the thought process and delivery of the branding and some stunning imagery, Andrew clearly struck a chord with many designers and tech blogs, having had the post picked up by Mashable, TechCrunch and SlashGear and receiving critical acclaim all round.

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