Apple are known for leading the way in having a clean, easy to use and intuitive operating system. Being based on UNIX, Mac OSX is stable and powerful, but with some nice little graphical and user touches, OSX is a designer’s dream and a great OS to advertise the other qualities Macs have to offer.

With the unveiling and release of iOS 7 for iPhone, iPod and iPads, designers worldwide held their breath, cursed fluently and simultaneously fell in love with Apple’s new approach to their flagship mobile OS. Gone were the shadows and realistic textures, and in came flat apps, playful gradients and an altogether new look and feel for iOS. Designers quickly started to disseminate the design, and a few attempted to translate the design of iOS into OSX. One such design, and one of the best I’ve seen, is one by Edgar Rios.

Translating almost all of iOS 7’s features into OSX, Edgar has incorporated the look and feel without verging into the plastic territory many criticised iOS 7 for. Still keeping OSX’s mature feel, the design features a new focus on colour highlights, a new control center that resembles the notification center in iOS 7 and a new look for Safari.