Usually, a post on here is a visual post with a brief excerpt or description. This post is a little different and the reason I’m sharing this on here is that I feel as though a lot of advice can be garnered from the linked post.

A blog post by the hugely talented James Young has detailed his thoughts and concerns on unsolicited redesigns, one of which is seen on this site earlier today. James’ arguments are that he is interested in seeing thoughts and designs that designers come up without a brief or the constrains usually presented in an official capacity, but is concerned by the lack of real-world constraints on the redesigns, namely no advertising and no real content.

He argues that a better way of demoing your redesign is to create the actual HTML mock up and present your ideas that way, much like Amber Creative did with their Apple Store concept. If you can’t do this, James further argues the point by listing the things you should be doing if you attempt a redesign, some of which are real content and staying on brand.

Overall, I found James’ post a really good piece, and one that anyone attempting a redesign of any site – small or large – should read very carefully. We all know that redesigns are fun and a chance to show your skills off, but being able to imagine those redesigns in a real world concept is even better.