Steam has done wonders for the video game market on PC, and more recently OSX, but their UI of the website and app has always felt clunky and not making the best available use of the screen size and details. Consider that many of its users will have medium to high-end computers, for gaming specs, and it’s a wasted opportunity.

A re-design of the app, website and mobile by Josh Collie offers an insight into what could be achieved if Steam/Valve took heed of his designs, and made the Steam client and website modern, clean and best of all, gorgeous to look at. With the website using the a responsive framework, the website would fit all screen sizes from low to high-end, and with the original fonts being shipped out in favour of clearer, more legible ones, the website surely is a whole lot better than the current version.

Not content with the website design, Josh also went ahead and re-designed the actual Steam client and the newly released iOS client, all to fit the new design set out for the website. Coupled with the future venturing of Steam into the living room, this design fits all areas that Steam are targeting with aplomb and would definitely sate the design-savvy gamers and make an easier experience for everyone.

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