Similar to how Nespresso has revolutionsed the home coffee machine market, Special-T aimed to do the same with world teas. Special-T’s aluminum capsules are claimed to come from the top 1% of the world’s tea harvest, instead of general tea like other brands and are sold exclusively on the internet. With tea the world’s most consumed drink, this is a perfect niche to get in and one would expect their web presence to be equally as good. With their site completely in Flash, and no sign of an English language version, designers have seen a niche of their own to fit into. One of those was Michiel Andrea.

While enjoying an especially lazy night watching TV, I saw a commercial featuring a new machine: The Special-T. A hip new kind of way to make the perfect cup of tea. I was fascinated by the style they used, so went online to take a gander at their website. Their website is a Flash-framework website where the content was fit inside an artificial box. It was not selling their product and it didn’t match up with their commercial. The content was not convincing and pretty complex to navigate. That’s when I decided to see if I could do a better job. There are a lot of details that I could be tweaking for an eternity, and not all of the content from the original site is to be found here, but this was just from a consumer-marketing perspective. How would I sell this machine? Who would buy such a machine?

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