Anyone who is anyone has heard of South Park. Whether it be via the very successful 1999 film, the ongoing series, or the games that have been released, pretty much everyone is familiar with the cartoon and its often crude humour. South Park has won a number of awards from its humble internet beginnings, and has helped its creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, establish themselves as a tour-de-force in the animation world.

The South Park website currently allows a choice of site to use: South Park Studios Classic, and South Park Studios Beta. The beta site is a much more up-to-date version of the Classic site, but still has some way to go to adequately present information, news and clips in a modern, interesting way.

Milan Antolić has come up with a much better design, demonstrating a much tidier navigation, call-to-actions and a much more structured and organised view. Milan’s design is a great design that clearly thinks of user-engagement and keep the user’s interest much more than the cLassic or Beta versions of the official site.

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