For those who haven’t heard of Simple, “Simple offers a bank account that has all the tools you need to manage your money built right in.” In short, Simple is a new way of banking with a great focus on amazing customer support, intuitive apps and use of technology for services and an overall ease of using Simple for your bank.

Simple’s current iOS app is rooted firmly in iOS 6. Focused on skeuomorphism and featuring a lot of iOS 6’s UI elements, the app is in need of an update to bring it in line with current standards and trends. Enter Matt Pringle.

Matt has gone the whole hog and designed everything about the Simple app for iOS. Bringing in an entirely new look and feel, very much in line with iOS 7, and some subtle but effective UX decisions Matt has transformed the look of the app. Particular focus on Activity and Item pages are astounding, bringing a much more refined, personal feel. Shifting navigation over to the side of the screen via a Facebook-like off-screen menu as opposed to the tabbed bar at the bottom feels more natural and user-friendly and a great new screen for Goals is a great addition. Overall, Matt has done an amazing job and Simple should be paying close attention to this design when updating the official one.

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