Occasionally, as demonstrated by the official InVision design or the Interviewly design, I’ll mix things up on here with a post still related to redesigns, but a little bit off-topic. This time, it’s the turn of Olivier Dud.

A lot of people have commented on the future of OSX, with Victor Erixon and several other designers making attempts at redesigning the staple OS for Apple’s computer line-up. A lot of designers would like to see Apple bring OSX more in line with iOS 7 and its flat design and blurred backgrounds, while others don’t.

Olivier has come up with a real way of being able to have an iOS 7-like OS for Apple. Warning that, “you need to know this isn’t a concept, but actual non edited screenshots of my mac. If it was a concept it would be very easy to make everything better (the menu bar icons for exemple), but this is a modified mac, not a photoshoped theme,” we’re immediately attracted to the idea that, given enough time, this look is very much achievable and possible for anyone wanting to experience iOS 7 on their desktop. By editing the Control Center, Dock, Safari and Finder, Olivier has brought to life a lot of designer’s wishes and maybe, just maybe, a look at the future of OSX.