Netflix is a wonderful service, allowing for streaming of TV shows and movies both new and old, and allowing families to sit down and experience great TV for a reasonable cost. One thing, however, is that the sometimes a great service doesn’t always equal a great experience, and using the Netflix iPad app is a frustration at times.

Youi Labs are a great visual agency, specialising in creating intuitive user interfaces for touch screen devices. They took their experience the FLIP TV demo they created, and applied them to a new Netflix experience.

Introducing a new focus on social logins and a new profile system for recommendations and information, the proposed design already feels much cleaner, straight forward and a much better prospect to use than before. Add into the new design a radically improved navigation system and, using a vertical menu on the left, the app dedicates more space to showing what Netflix is good at – great TV and movies. Searching is also greatly improved, as is the list view which brings in extra features with over-complicating matters. The menu animations are sweet and dynamic, something the user instantly remembers. Improved content arrangement and showing off details, second screen and an improved media player are more great ideas, and something that Youi Labs should be proud of creating.

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