eBay and Amazon tend to be the first places you think of for online shopping in the West, however, there is one website in the Eastern part of the world that trumps all of these. Owned by the Alibaba Group, AliExpress allows Chinese businesses to sell their products to international customers. The site is becoming hugely more popular in Western countries, even becoming the number one e-commerce site used in Russia in 2014.

Available on iOS and Android, the AliExpress app doesn’t do much wrong in the way of supplying users with a way to use their service. This doesn’t mean, however, that the app is perfect and this is proven by a designer named Zeuero, who has completely redesigned the AliExpress iOS app and is now the fully fledged app available on the App Store. Bringing a much better navigation and browsing experience, the user is immediately more comfortable browsing the app. With a range of little touches like bringing together clothing options in one pop-up and use of iOS-friendly layouts and actions, Zeuero has done an incredible job altogether.