Many designers think that they could make their favourite brand look better with a snazzy new logo or direction, but very few pull it off well. Even less make the new branding look as though it came from the brand themselves, with Andrew Kim and his Microsoft branding exercise coming to mind as one of the best examples of this. Now, you can add Aziz Firat to that list.

Aziz’s Samsung rebranding project is, in a word, stunning. Like Andrew’s vision, the amount of detail, thought and time put into a project for fun is unreal. Centering the entire rebrand around an iconic “S” motif, Aziz argues that this is much more easier to define and recognise than multiple versions of their logo and by introducing a colour scheme for each product under the Samsung umbrella, he unifies the brand and confirms the strength of the new logo across their devices.

Aziz’s vision is not just stunning to other designers. Other sites like The Next Web, Slate, Designboom Magazine, and CNET have picked up the design and given Aziz the exposure he deserves.