Designed by myself, Phil Stringfellow, the Pixar redsgn kicked off my idea for this site, and although done for a while it’s only recently I’ve posted it on Dribbble. Despite being the maker’s of some of the world’s best and most favourite animations, Pixar’s site until recently was a massive let down in comparison to their amazing work elsewhere.

My idea was to let the characters that Pixar have created tell the story of Pixar, by having well-known colours, textures and characters at the fore. The initial load of the site would feature their newest animation as the biggest part, with the option to view the trailer within the slider. Under this, as per the old and new site, there are quick links to other sections of the Pixar site, including shorts, jobs and official sites. For the background, I designed a version of Andy’s Room wallpaper from Toy Story, which was an exercise in itself!

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