PayPal, despite their troubles over recent years, is still most people’s choice for sending and receiving money across the internet. With deep integration into eBay and other selling websites, it’s no wonder that a lot of business rely on PayPal to keep their dreams going. That doesn’t mean that their website and platform are as easy to use as they should be and, quite often, you end up getting lost trying to do simple things.

Budi Tanrim also noticed this, and spent some time looking at ways of making the PayPal process easier. His solution is to introduce a new sidebar that includes a lit of frequently used tasks and links, like Withdraw, Pay and Deposit with your choice of accounts to pay this from or into. This would definitely speed up the process from PayPal, and make using their website less of a chore. Adding in a new, cleaner date-picker and some nice new UI elements, and Budi’s vision of a new PayPal is a great one to look at.

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