Sports sites have a difficult time on the web. On one hand they need to be engaging and attract users to keep visiting the sites as opposed to fans sites and blogs, but on the other hand they need to be as accessible as possible and cover every visitor’s needs and requirements. The official site of the NBA is firmly in the “make it accessible as possible” corner, with a rather unimaginative design, conforming to the basics and not providing any real visual impact for visitors.

Berkan Is has come up with a spectacular design that remains accessible, provides a huge visual impact and places a good deal on the user experience. Immediately on the homepage you have an improved header, including a much better search area, clearly defined navigation and easy to read scores and fixtures. On clock of a score, a section appears using a dynamic animation to detail stats about the result or fixture.

Beneath this is the actual site content, where images are now a bigger part of the site design and allows the user to choose what they see on the homepage itself. As well as this newer, fresher look there is a multitude of stats, information and other sections on the homepage to entice users to navigate deeper into the site.

Other pages deal with content in the same visually appealing way. The statistics page is a great looking page containing a plethora of stats, graphs and charts detailing player movements, passes and scores. The schedule page is another visual marvel, where the emphasis on visual identity for teams is placed very high. Listing the teams by their crests rather than plain type is a great touch and is better for the user overall.

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