Using a banking website is a pain at times, especially so for a designer, when it seems that the banks want to offer only the basic service with minimum effort on design and, a lot of time, going against the grain for UX and UI. Callum Chapman uses Natwest for his banking, and took it upon himself to redesign and reorganise the Natwest website, and in sparkly Retina resolution too. From Callum:

It’s a site I visit most days, and although their current design could be worse, there’s a lot of room for improvement. It isn’t full width (it’s aligned to the left with a big white panel on the right) nor is it fun or responsive… and let’s face it, banking needs to be made as fun as possible to make it feel less like a chore!┬áThere are no new feature ideas incorporated into this design, it is purely a fun redesign using a similar layout and colours. I felt it should stay pretty professional considering this is a real-life bank!

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