Every man and his dog know who NASA is, and what they do. In charge of the USA’s space interests, NASA has been invaluable not only the the US but to the world with their inventions, patents and leading scientific research for both space and home. Their website is a treasure trove of information, stunning imagery, and videos to inspire, strike awe and leave open mouthed most visitors. The NASA app should illicit the same reactions, however, unlike NASA’s futuristic outlook, their official app seems rooted in the past. NASA’s current app design is firmly in the pre-iOS 7, even with iOS 7 updates, and features a heavy grey tone and some questionable accessibility. Roman Shkolny looks to introduce a much-improved design, more in keeping with NASA and its futuristic outlook.

Roman brings in the much-loved blur effect to some great use in his concept for the iOS NASA app, with the awesome colours of space bringing a great palette and aesthetic to the design. The use of some very clever icons serve to provide navigation, and by using standard UI practices, Roman makes sure to to keep the user as familiar as possible.

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