MyFonts is a great site, full of premium typefaces for designers to use commercially, for personal projects and more. With many typefaces available in both OpenType and TrueType, MyFonts also offers WebFont downloads, saving the need for a separate HTTP download with Google Fonts or TypeKit. I’ve used MyFonts for a few purchases myself – Nexa Slab & Depot New being two of my favourite purchases – and love their service. The website itself has undergone a few changes lately, namely the header, footer and cleaning up of buttons and other little touches. The brand mark itself has also been tweaked and, overall, the changes are welcome and add to the site rather than detract.

Steve Fraschini has redesigned the MyFonts site in his spare time between work for clients to “keep me “healthy” with my design process”. Steve’s design captures the right look and feel from a font website, building on the already impressive website and improving. In comes a new header area with improved search and focus on the user who is logged in. Under this, immediate first looks at fonts which are also able to be filtered by categories. The footer area is also improved, allowing the user to view popular designers and tags. Altogether, an impressive stab at a site many already love.

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