Gone are the days of having to put up with Internet Explorer or stuck for choice between Firefox and Opera, and there are a plethora of free, open-source browsers. Google Chrome is one of the most popular of those new browsers, and has risen to become many people’s first choice of download on a new OS. Thanks to it’s lightweight feel and appearance, Chrome belies its power with impressive Javascript engine and with sync support tied to your Google account, Chrome is here to stay for a long time.

Despite being so good, Pawel Durczok thought that the app could do with a facelift and has done an exceedingly good job in doing so. This redesign takes minimal to a new level and makes even Chrome, with its shiny new interface looks outdated. With influences reaching from Windows Metro to Apple’s new iOS 7, Pawel’s vision for a flatter Chrome is stunning.

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  • Bobby

    Honestly I hate how the best products don’t focus on design. If all of the really great products and services (like Google Chrome) focused more on design, they’d be surprised at the difference in business they make. I mean I would use Google Chrome if it was prettier, I use Internet Explorer because I think the design is far more beautiful. Speed/functionality is something I’m willing to sacrifice for design as well as many other people.

    I wish this was Google Chrome’s design. (: