Minimalist Inspiration for a Beautiful Sharp Interior

If you’re a fan of “less is more” then a minimalist design for your interiors may be the way to go. Some people think that minimalism is all about clearing everything out of the home and having as little as possible in it. While that’s accurate to a certain extent, it’s not the whole picture. Minimalism is all about having clean lines in the home and making sure that everything functions well, no matter which room is being used. If you’re looking to develop a minimalist interior design then it helps to embrace the ethos and be inspired by what you can do. It doesn’t have to be expensive, so it’s important to be clear about what you want to achieve to keep within what may be a tight budget.

Design is in the detail

If you’ve ever been to a home that is packed with furniture and accessories you might have felt a little hemmed in. There’s nothing wrong with having lots of things, but if you want to declutter and have fewer items to display, as well as making your furniture functional, then you may find a minimalist approach to be very liberating.

Look at your main rooms to see what you could do. The living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom are the key areas to start with.

Living room

This is where you will spend relaxation time, so get furniture that speaks for itself. Aim for elegance in design and remember that your furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Adding a few artifacts onto surfaces can help draw the eye to bookcases or side tables, but keep them to a minimum and place them carefully.

In this and other rooms, you’ll complement the minimalist feel by using window shutters instead of drapes. Angular lines that allow you to bring in as much or as little light as you want are a great addition to your carefully designed interiors.

Kitchen and dining room

Kitchens can be messy places, and so can dining rooms if you pile large amounts of containers and edibles on counters or tables. Try letting the food speak and keep it simple. Work on keeping kitchen surface tops as clear as possible so you can focus on the food. If you plan for neutral colors then the vibrant colors of fresh produce will make a statement for you.

Dining areas that are free from clutter are relaxing environments, but you can consider adding flowers and green plants on some surfaces to bring out the contrast to the clear lines you have developed.


This is probably the easiest area to clutter, especially with clothes that are left out, so give yourself extra space with built-in wardrobes, small bedside tables with drawers, and subtle lighting with overhead lamps for when the night draws in.

Minimalism is not about paring everything to the bone. It’s about recognizing that you can design your home to be comfortable without weighing it down with so many layers of possessions that it becomes difficult to live with.