Weather app designs are ten-a-penny on Dribbble and Forrst, with the entry requirement to be just as use as many animations and transitions as possible and don’t forget to include lined weather icons. Some of these apps are pretty good, and some are even available on the App Store to download, some for a pretty penny. Others stick to the concept stage where the designer is just exercising his free will to jump in on the trend.

The current Met Office app for iOS does its job simply enough, and presents the information in an informative and simplistic way. For a weather app, you couldn’t ask for much more. However, Kit Powell had other ideas and has presented a new take on some of the app screens. Kit chose to do two screens out of the entire app, neither of which are top level. The weather screen is accessed by a list of places, and the 5 day from either a list of places or clicking on the forecast at the bottom of the screen, and both have been given a suitable visual overhaul fitting with iOS 7 and Android guidelines.

Designer as practice rather than full on concept, Kit has captured the essence of both the Met Office app and other weather apps, and the essence of iOS/Android and has done a really good job presenting information in a clear, concise way using a range of data and visuals.