Mention is an alerts service similar to Google Alerts, with social and real time alerts for any keyword you choose. I use it for Redsgned and keeping check on posts and their popularity, and many others use it for keeping tabs on their company or brand, with MIT, CrunchBase and GitHub all customers. Mention’s current design is actually pretty good, presenting an email-like screen of mentions which, when clicked, brings up the relevant link, tweet or post to explain where the mention came from. With accounts starting from free to Enterprise level, Mention is great for anyone wanting to be top of their brand.

Although the design of Mention is fine, that didn’t stop Beasty from coming up with his own version. Building on the already decent version, Beasty brings in some more colour through the use of contrasting sidebars and main areas, with nice bolded text forming the side navigation. More padding has been given to the individual mentions, allowing for text and icons to breathe more. The only thing missing is the account switcher on the right, but mostly, Beasty has done great in improving an already decent design.

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  • thanks for sharing !!

    • No problem, it’s an awesome design worthy of sharing. Keep an eye out for HipChat post coming soon too 🙂