Having delayed for a long time launching the official Medium app, the eventual launch of the iPhone-only app was everything a Medium app should have been. Concise, minimal, and completely focused on what Medium does, giving easy access to articles on the site and personalised reading lists for those logged in.

Kirill Kulikov has gone one better and designed an even more concise and elegant app worthy of the Medium name. Starting by not straying to far away from the core Medium look and feel, Kirill presents a cleaner, simpler version of the app featuring top aligned icons and a hidden navigation full of clean links and icons. Showing articles, the type seems clearer and more easily readable, shifting to a sans-serif rather than serif used by Medium, more informative Collections and a nicer Profile screen with latest articles overlaid of the profile screen. Overall, a great attempt at an already great app.

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  • Love Medium! Great simplistic design that allows a reader to focus on what matters – the content.

  • It’s a wonderful minimalist design, based around content. I wish more people did design like this.