LinkedIn is another site that is constantly re-imagined and re-designed by designers, and with a good right to be as well. Their current site feels stale and more target-based and focused than a website should be, and can end up a mess of UX and annoying alerts for signing up to LinkedIn Pro. with one LinkedIn design already submitted to Redsgned, the site may not have as many re-designs as Facebook and Twitter, but that doesn’t mean that designers are afraid to have a go. This time, it’s the turn of Abhijeet Wankhade.

Instead of completely re-designing LinkedIn from the ground up, Abhijeet concentrated instead on the homepage and the news feed, two of main pages that people see everyday on the site. This way, he could concentrate on the areas that needed it most instead of taking months to design the entire site. What results is a great looking site, with a clear and concise hierarchy, great navigation on the feed, some major UX improvements and overall, a great looking and useful website.

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