LinkedIn is a social network, dedicated to connecting businesses and business people. Focused on professional networking, it allows you to upload photos, post job changes, list your occupation, follow other businesses and connect with other people. Where Facebook and Twitter allows you to friend and follow other people by random, LinkedIn has a “gated” approach whereby contact with any professional requires either an existing relationship, or the intervention of a mutual contact. This builds trust across the network, instead of allowing users to spam.

LinkedIn, along with many other social networks, seems stuck in the timewarp of when it launched. Despite some recent changes and overhaul, LinkedIn still feels overly corporate and too formal for anyone to spend any real time on there past updating their positions and so forth. A recent case study from Andy Leverenz has sought to change that.

Andy’s attempts introduce a much improved style across the Profile and Desktop feed with a better focus on typography, iconography and little stylish touches such as skills illustrations, and better use of avatars. What’s also good is that Andy has thought of the commercial angle too, including ad spaces and the chance for LinkedIn to support itself through these, something designers often forget in their haste to do things their way.

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  • HannahHudson

    I like this.

  • Yes, this is much nicer. We’re always battling with how to best present a “Profile Page”. The more illustrative the better.

  • Looks fantastic. Love the header area.