Back in 2013, iStock finally rebranded their entire company to reflect their expansion on offering not only photos, but also audio and video files too. Dropping the “Photo” from their original name, iStockPhoto, and introducing “by Getty Images” iStock have moved on from their past on towards a more clear future. What didn’t change was their website, at least until September 2014, and despite the new branding the site was left looking old and tired. Jason Groenewald took it upon himself to redesign it and bring it up to date. From Jason himself:

I loved iStock’s logo refresh; getting rid of that slightly tacky camera icon was a good move, but they left their website in the same state it was when they first built it in the 80’s. So I figured what a stock photography site needs is huge and enticing images.

Jason’s attempt at the rebranded website is a clear improvement on the previous look, and really different from their eventual new design, with clear crisp images and navigation and a stark contrast. The mobile version is really well-presented without losing information and still remains readable and engaging despite the smaller screen. A job well done to Jason.

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