If you are familiar with Reddit, you are more than likely familiar with their AMA format. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, and has attracted some of world’s biggest names, from Barack Obama, to Bill Murray and singer PSY. Although hugely popular, attracting hundreds of thousands of users and comments, the layout of AMAs were largely confusing, having to navigate through several comments and replies to find the eventual answer.

Dan Drabik, a New York-based software developer, decided to clean things up and post everything to a new site called Interviewly. Presenting the interviews in an easy to read fashion, showing answers chronologically and including photos and adding categories. Unlike an original AMA, you don’t have to navigate your way around comments and put together the interview yourself. For anyone that loves AMAs, you’ll be sure to love Interviewly.

I especially love this idea and finished article because instead of just opening Photoshop and thinking out loud about what he’d like to see, Dan has actually gone ahead and just built the thing, which is always better to see than a flat image. Proof of concept is the best proof of seeing an idea, and it’s great to see a finished concept.