Imgur is synonymous with GIFs, images, memes and quite often links to Reddit and other sites for heavy traffic to save servers collapsing under the eight of thousands of visitors. It does its job well as an image platform, perfect for throwing an image up, grabbing the URL and then pasting it across any site you want the image shown on. I doesn’t need to be anything more or anything less. That doesn’t mean that its design can’t be looked at though, and that’s what Cosmin Negoita has done.

I always find myself using Imgur’s awesome image hosting, so thought I could give a try at redesigning it in order to make it much cleaner. The main task is to allow elements breathe more while giving a better feel. Currently, this is just the home/default page, but I’m planning to get deeper into the redesign, and do a complete redesign.

As you can tell, not much has changed in Cosmin’s vision of Imgur, knowing that it does its job well enough already. What he’s done is tidied everything up to the put where it’s great to look at and use, and given it a decent enough lick of paint to keep present fans and future users happy.