The International Movie Database site is the home to all of the information you could ever need for past, present and future films, actors, trailers and pictures. What this doesn’t mean is that the site is a joy to use. Often enough, the site is a confusing mess of links, information, bad UX and altogether poor to use. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that someone has redesigned it, and what a job Filip Slovàĉek has done with his version.

Inspired by the trend of sites looking like web apps, the IMDb design has this feel, and it makes the site all the better for it. Not only does this improve the overall design aesthetic, but also prioritises and condenses the information on display. With each individual section scrollable, the site would be a joy to use, and I could imagine spending hours searching films, information and media using this version. Going even deeper into the design, the amount of detail on display is astounding, and really shows the care and attention that Filip puts into his work. A job well done!

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