HipChat is a very powerful, convenient tool for teams working on the net. Imagine Skype on steroids, where the app allows you to communicate with your team while being notified of repository updates, persistent chat rooms, drag-and-drop file sharing and real-time video chat and screen sharing. Used by Quora, Pinterest and many more tech sites, HipChat is definitely the tool of choice for many teams and companies. The design, however, of the current HipChat is a little stagnant, using trends and colours from a while ago and sticking to safe colours ans styles, and Beasty once again succeeds in giving another popular app an impressive visual overhaul.

Instead of going all-out and attempting a full redesign that completely misses the point, Beasty has instead improved the look of the app by adding to the detail that is already there and sprucing up colours and elements. Retaining the same dark sidebar scheme, he has brought in subtle differences in colour to allow for easy differentiation and brought in more suitable, fresher icons for the people column on the right. Another job well done.

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