GQ is is a monthly men’s magazine focusing on fashion, style, and culture for men. Featuring the very best in men’s style, fashion shoots with both men and women models and a raft of other articles, GQ is considered one of the more respectable men’s magazines, as opposed to FHM, Maxim and the like where the main focus is on appealing to men’s desires with raunchy photo-shoots and sex-orientated articles.

GQ’s current website (US version) is great in terms of presenting a modern looking site, with content loading immediately, minimal ads and a focus on everything that makes GQ. There’s plenty worse sites out there for magazines. However, Melih Oğuz has shown an alternative look at how the sites could be presented while keeping the users and the ad department happy.

Melih’s design allows for a more visual approach – illustrated by the lovely Emma Watson – and by desaturating the background and logo, allows the colours in the imagery to stand out a lot. The use of colour across the headlines and highlighted images is a great touch and the typography is nice and clear. Everything you want from a magazine site then.

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