GoPro is a small camera, used by many to record everything from base jumping, skiiing to keeping a record of their journey while commuting on bicycles and motorcycles. As well as cameras, the GoPro brand sell everything you need to get sorted with a camera, including mounts, tethers, cases and spare parts. Their companion app for Android, iOS and Windows devices is a mixed app, where you can control your camera from your device and also view the goPro community, from the Video and Picture of the Day and update your camera without the need to plug it into your computer. Although the design of the app is fine by most standards, considering the uses the GoPro is used for, it could do with a bit more excitement. Enter Romain Passelande.

Taking elements that are already present in the app, Romain has revitalised the app by rearranging the content and features to be more exciting and engaging, while allowing people to have a better experience overall using the app. He also added a new community experience, allowing the user to view and edit their profile and follow other friends. The presentation of the app is great and another example of tweaks winning out over a full redesign.

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