Gmail is amazing, and over the last few years has been the email of choice for pretty much anyone wanting a stable, free and easy to use email system and account. That doesn’t mean it’s without its faults though, with people complaining of UX niggles, the tab system being confusing and Google’s pushing of their Google+ social media platform.

Ruslan Aliev has attempted to correct these faults with a stunning new interface for Gmail, putting email control firmly back into the users hands. His primary emphasis was to simply email review, with a precise tuning of the interface colour another main emphasis. Basing the entire grid – and its two mains views, list order and table view – on a golden ration proportion, the new design is organised, easy to use and, of course, great to look at.

With a better selection of themes, and an impressive theme editor built in, users have full control of how they want their  Gmail to look like and with a live demo coming soon, this is looking like an exciting time to be a Gmail user.