Getting the Design of Your Personnel ID Cards Right

These days firms, many organisations, clubs and service providers use ID cards as a key security measure. The use of good quality ID cards ensures that nobody that should not have access to a worksite or other premises can gain entry.

These are essential items and getting the design right is important. Here we explain why and give you some guidance on designing good quality ID and membership cards. Given the fact the primary reason so many firms use ID cards is security the first point to consider is how the design affects this.

The role of design in security

The first thing to say is that a membership card or staff ID that is too simple will provide virtually no security at all. This is because they will be too easy for scammers and thieves to replicate. If anybody wants to access your premises all they would need to do is to take one of your ID cards or take a photo of the card and simply replicate the design you have sued.

If your ID cards just feature your logo, space for a photo and a name. All a faker needs to do is to download a basic ID template, change the font to match yours and grab an image of your logo from your website to be able to make a convincing fake ID card.

The more complex your design is the harder it will be for a scammer to replicate one of your membership or ID cards. If you use a unique image that you do not use elsewhere in your business, you make it very challenging for the fraudsters.

Think about your brand

When designing your membership cards or personnel ID cards you need to think about branding. These cards are a great chance for you to strengthen your brand. They are very much a part of your firm’s image, so make sure that your personnel ID badges fit in with the rest of your branding.

Getting the Design of your Personnel ID Cards Right

Keep the design process in house

Keeping the design and production process of your ID cards in house brings several benefits. This is easy to do because you can buy everything you need online to print your own ID cards from a reputable and trusted business such as Digital ID. On the site you can buy blank cards, specialist printers and the inks that you need.

Printing your own ID cards ensures that you are in complete control of both the design and production processes. This is far more secure than outsourcing the printing of your cards to a print firm. The fewer people who have access to your ID card template the less likely it is that scammers can steal your design.

Producing your own cards gives you the chance to update your ID card design on a regular basis. This is great for security, but also gives you the chance to use your staff ID cards and membership cards as a marketing resource. For example, if you are a retailer you can provide your staff with holiday themed cards or you can use them to draw attention to special offers.

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