Four ways web design can boost your ecommerce business


With so many ecommerce businesses sprouting up on a regular basis, the competition is fierce no matter what your industry. Here are the top four ways to give yours a boost ahead of the competition.


  • Maximise on marketing potential


Every element of your design can be used as a marketing tool. You should always regularly update your banners with star buys or new lines, change your backgrounds or website skin to reflect a seasonal promotion,and make sure people know that you are always adding new content.

On the one hand,you’re enhancing the likelihood of conversion, but on the other, it’s telling customers that you keep things fresh. Even though they might not be able to find something the first time, they are more likely to keep revisiting your site if they know they can rely on you to provide the best deals.


  • Easy navigation, higher conversion


Today’s customer is impatient and likes immediate gratification. Using design tools like intelligent search functionality which is very prominent on the page, clear menus, and well defined categories, you’re improving your chances of quickly providing exactly what they’re looking for.

Four ways web design can boost your ecommerce business

You should also make sure that your design works in tandem with offers on other channels too. For example, if you’ve been advertising a specific deal on Twitter with a click through to your homepage, make sure this deal is immediately obvious. Otherwise, your new customer may get frustrated and leave. You can click here for more examples of improving your navigation.


  • Great content means strong SEO


You should think about your design in terms of standard Google rules too. Consider the way in which search engines “read” your pages when you construct your content, as they do this line by line. If words in the title are not repeated elsewhere, search engines can potentially think you’re trying to fool them, and place you lower as a result.

You should also concentrate on how descriptive your product page URLs are. If a URL for a pink skirt is “”, the likelihood of this being found in a search for “pink skirts” is greater than if the URL was “”. Web design and development in terms of SEO strategy are a speciality of Marketing Signals, so if this area seems confusing to you then calling in the experts would be beneficial.


  • Be strategic with social


Finally, you should never underestimate the power of a strong social media campaign behind an ecommerce business. On the one hand, it can be a fantastic customer service tool and a means of engaging with the customer, as well as a free source of consumer research.

On the other, by making sure that social media news feeds and sharing buttons feature prominently, it reaffirms you as a modern company that understands their needs and where they are online.

I hope these top four tips help to give your ecommerce business a boost. If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to leave a comment.