Facebook is one of the world’s biggest sites today, and with an average of 19 minutes spent every day on the site by its users, will be here to stay for a very long time, despite its critics. As with every large site, Facebook has attracted its fair share of redesigns and concepts, including two listed on this site last year.

This Facebook design has been done by Fred Nerby and completely changes the look and feel of Facebook and its layout. Concentrating on a responsive, fluid layout based on a grid, the design concentrates on being able to hand as much control over to the user as possible. The news feed is split into two columns to filter posts, allowing the user to directly control what they see on their news feed.

Other page designs include the profile page which is much tidier together with a horizontal scroll similar to the new MySpace; a new look and functionality to the Facebook timeline, sliding out from the side on click; a new grid system for viewing pictures and videos, with pop out details and boards; and an all new page design, useful for brands and corporations.

Although Fred hasn’t included any adverts or links to any other form of Facebook page – games and apps – making you wonder where the commercial gain for this design would be, he has still done a great job on tidying up one of the world’s most used sites and making it friendlier and better to look at.