Dropbox is used by nearly everybody involved with design, development or playing with things on the web. One of the first major cloud backup services, Dropbox has survived compeition from Microsoft, Google and other similar companies and have become one of the biggest cloud backups services out there.

When registering with Dropbox, you get the chance to download their app, which integrates with the OS and allows you to share links, files and media via the Dropbox folder and via contextual menus outside of the folder. What Dropbox doesn’t offer – yet – is a standalone app to download, view and upload files within.

Arslan Ali has pre-empted Dropbox by designing his own app, containing everything you expect from such an app from My Files and Photos, to Sharing and the chance to Upgrade your Dropbox space.
Designed in the flat style, the design fits in with Dropbox’s aesthetic and it would be no surprise to see something similar comes from the team themselves.

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  • Arjun Menon

    wheres the link?

    • The link used to be here https://dribbble.com/shots/1488671-Dropbox-redesign/ but the shot is no longer up so I have removed the link 🙂