Dropbox Dashboard

Dropbox has proven to a great service since the ushering in of cloud backups and services. From shaky starts to security worries, Dropbox have matured and expanded their features and ever growing portfolio of other apps (Mailbox, Snapjoy) and provide one of the most secure cloud backup services there is.

With the technical side covered, Dropbox have also spent a lot of time and effort on making their apps as lovely looking as possible, helped in turn by hiring Tim Van Damme, an inspiring designer who’s previous companies include Instagram and Gowalla. Although their design is great, there’s always room for a fresh look at their apps.

Vivek Ravin has done just that, and re-designed the Dropbox Dashboard to introduce a new clean, flat palette. Only having the blue of Dropbox branding as the colour, Vivek has done a great job of cleaning up the dashboard while allowing the content to breathe.

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