With Dribbble being what it is – a site for creatives to upload their best work – there’s no shortage of redesigns uploaded to the site. This includes redesigns of Dribbble itself, where designers redesign the profile view, the shots view and all manner of other views on the site.

This Dribbble redesign focuses on the profile view, and features a much more design-centric header than is currently seen on the site. Dmitriy Haraberush has cleverly kept a lot of features from the current iteration by keeping the familiar icons and logo, but instead focuses on improving the details about the user itself. A bigger, more prominent profile picture joins a bigger focus on following and followers, and also lets the user view insights into profile views, most active followers and other stats. The design of buttons and links feels familiar to Creative Market, which can only be a good thing seeing how successful Creative Market has been over the last 12 months.

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