With Apple systems seemingly the designer’s choice of OS and phone, many have attempted to redesign the layouts, UI and features of iOS and OSX. When Mavericks was unveiled last year, many were expecting the same overhaul iOS received with its 7th iteration, but aside from a few app changes and additions, the look and feel of the new OSX was in line with the previous version. Many designers have since tried to predict what Apple’s next design direction will be, one of which, called The Next Mac OS, was featured on here earlier this year. Some have been quick, fun designs while others have been more in detail and an in-depth experiment. One of the latter examples was by Victor Erixon.

Taking stylistic cues from iOS 7 and yet still keeping the familiarities of OSX Mavericks, Victor takes his new OSX in a new direction by bringing in flat design across the board. The biggest change is the removal of the familiar Close, Minimise and Expand buttons, instead, turning them into simple icons which play nicely with the stark white of the Finder background. Icons in the Mail and iMessage apps are nice and bold, as are the icons in the Menu Bar and aside from some glaring accessibility, contrast and legibility issues, a job well done.

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    Nuala Theme for Mac OS Tiger, A.D. 2005

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