About Redsgned

Redsgned initially came about as an idea after seeing an influx of designs done by other designers on Dribbble, Forrst, deviantArt and Behance. These were all redesigns or interpretations of popular sites or apps. Some were good, some were really good, and some… not so. Whatever the outcome, the designers all had one thing in common – they thought the original could do with improving.

Redsgned is a showcase of the very best redesigns from across the web and design-focused websites, featuring web designs, branding, app designs, UI and GUI, and product design. If you think you have a redsgn worth submitting, or know of another we’ve missed, feel free to submit it using our form and we’ll publish as soon as possible. Enjoy!

About Phil

Phil StringfellowPhil is a web and UI designer from Liverpool, UK who is passionate about pixel perfect design and clean coding. Along with Redsgned, Phil also has his hands dirty with Zelda Timeline, Contrllr, and several other side-projects as well as caring for his family. A keen follower of football, rugby and sci-fi, you’ll find Phil tweeting nonsense over at @psdesignuk and uploading regular scribbles to Dribbble.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to everyone who takes time out of their lives to make an attempt at redesigning something. Regardless of the motive, undertaking any kind of design is not a small task and without your effort, there would be no Redsgned, so thank you.

Also, I would like to personally thank Anthony Killeen, otherwise known as MrQwest, for his help in shaping and building v1 of Redsgned. Without his help and expertise, the site wouldn’t have launched so successfully last time around, and though I’ve gone solo in developing this theme, Anthony’s previous efforts have not been forgotten. Thanks man.