Apps for Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, you have extremely specific needs for your computer. You draw as much as you type, so you need to think visually even when you’re not working that way. Not every program will suit your needs, but there are plenty of great ones if you know where to look. Here are six of the hottest apps for graphic designers.


6 of The Hottest Apps for Graphic Designers

Image via Flickr by markus spiske

Even though you may use your tablet a lot, not every app is optimal for the small screen. Inkpad is a wonderful example of robust software that you can maximize by using a powerful 2-in-1 laptop rather than a tablet. The processing power of a smart device isn’t up to snuff yet when it comes to the best graphic design apps, and you don’t want to cut corners on a vector design specialist like this app.

Inkpad is free to download, and it provides the type of utility previously seen with software that costs hundreds of dollars. It can perform many of the same tasks as Adobe Illustrator, but you won’t have to pay the mark-up for the Adobe name. Best of all, it meshes perfectly with the power-packed features of a 2-in-1 Lenovo laptop.


Some of your best ideas will involve a tried and true format, such as the poster. It’s a visually stimulating form due to its recognition. When people see a poster, they automatically know what to expect, and you can play off of that through your creativity.

Phoster understands that when you want to make a poster, you want the process to be seamless and immediate. It’s designed to output a Hollywood-quality version in just a few minutes. Any time inspiration hits, you can grab your smart device and make a poster with Phoster. For $1.99, it’s the perfect app for beginners and advanced graphic designers. Plus, it’s available for both the Apple and Google ecosystems.


Every graphic designer understands that colors are the spice that makes the meal. Drab selections will cause people to ignore your creation, no matter how clever it is. ColorSchemer tries to solve the problem by providing one of the most extensive palettes available. There are over a million colors available, which means that you might not even have the ability to distinguish between some of the selections. Fortunately, this free iPhone app includes suggestions from the program itself as well as other users. You’ll always be a few clicks away from optimal colors for your design.


One of the best ways to display your catalog of graphic designs is via collage. Fuze is the perfect hybrid app for this style of highlighting your work. You can even animate your creations and set them to music from your Apple music library. The product also has one of the finest recommendations possible. Apple selected it for its App Store Best Of list for 2012. You can’t beat a reputation like that for a free iPhone app. 

Doodle Buddy

Inspiration is mercurial. You never know what might trigger your best ideas. As a graphic designer, you likely spent countless hours in your youth doodling in notebooks rather than paying attention in class. Doodle Buddy combines these aspects of your personality into a single, clever app.

All you do is pull out your phone when you’re bored and start tracing your finger on the screen. If you design something memorable, you can store it or share it. Its designers market Doodle Buddy as “the most fun you can have with your finger.” For a free app, you have to take a chance to see if it’s true, right?


Graphic design is simply a job title. At heart, you’re an artist, and you want to enhance your ability to create new drawings whenever possible. ArtStudio is the best app on the market in this regard. Any time you want to sketch or paint, load this software and you’ll be bringing your imagination to life almost immediately. Best of all, it’s priced for starving artists, at less than $5 at the Apple Store.

As a graphic designer, you want to load your smart device and laptop with the software that enhances your productivity and creativity. Download the six apps above, and you’ll feel like a better designer and artist in a matter of days.

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